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What is Judo?
It is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport which originated from a Japanese martial art and it also develops self defence skills.

Who can do Judo?
Persons from 5 to 80, male and female have found something in the sport for them.

How do I get started?
Contact the local club or Area Association listed on this site for details.

What do I wear?
For a beginner, a tracksuit or old football gear may be suitable. Second hand judo suits (judogi) are often available through the club. New judogi can be purchased from the local martial arts shop.

Do I have to learn Japanese?
No, most of the terms used in Judo are Japanese but are taught as one learns the various techniques, so they soon become familiar.

What do the coloured belts mean?
Each colour indicates a level of achievement. A white belt is worn by those beginning the sport. The yellow is the first graded colour, followed by orange, green, blue, brown and finally the black belt. The grading is an examination to test the students knowledge and ability to perform to a minimum standard as laid out by the current New Zealand Judo Federation grading syllabus which in turn is influenced by international trends.

Do I have to enter Competitions?
No, you may practice judo just to keep fit, for fun, for self defence or to enjoy learning new skills.

Will I get hurt?
Judo has one of the lowest injury rates of any New Zealand Sport. "Judo" means "gentle Way" and you will be taught how to avoid injuries, improve your level of fitness and work safely with others.

What fees are there?
Club fees are used to pay for instruction, rental of premises, equipment etc. Regional and national registration fees support the local and national bodies, provide national and international recognition of your membership and grades and entitle you to participate in a large range of activities.

What else does judo offer?
There are social events, training camps, coaching and referee courses and qualifications, technical competitions, Masters events etc. in which you can participate. For many the opportunity to travel through New Zealand or overseas as a Club, Area or New Zealand representative is an exciting benefit.

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